About Us

We have a very strong and committed team who continues to provide it’s clients with complete freight forwarding solutions of highest quality. We pride ourselves in being “one of the best” when it comes to the kind of services offered.We take pride in the company,delivering a first class quality service to our clients.Sometimes it means working until midnight,public holidays and even on weekends, and we don’t mind as long as our client are totally satisfied. We have an open door policy whenever we are transacting business on behalf of our clients. We keep them up to date with every aspect of the transaction. If there are any problems associated with the clearance, we inform our clients right away. We are looking onward making ourselves a force to be reckoned with in the business world. We utilize the services major air and sea vessels as well as agents all around the world, with a vision of creating a unique freight forwarding that will serve the clients to their full satisfaction, Coriner Global Express Logistics & Trading Corp. was established with its purposed.

Mission Statement

Coriner Global Express Logistics & Trading Corp. is an international freight & domestic forwarding company, Created to meet the demand of the growing import and export industry all over the world. We are service oriented and driven to face challenges from different clients in order to meet customers satisfactions. Our business is to provide you a one stop shop logistics anywhere from the country of origin until it reaches the country of destination. Our company has grown because our customers trust our ability and we deliver. As a freight forwarder, we are able to use any means as necessary to broker and deliver your cargo: By Air,Land or Sea. This means we can shop the world to find you the ideal brokering and delivering solutions and negotiate the best cost possible, Our   services are always negotiated in your best interest.



Mr. Dominador B. Purino – President
Mrs. Amparo Marie Cecil R. Purino – Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Ms. Francesca Regatillo – Corporate Secretary / Comptroller

Mr. Ardi Cruz – Sales and Marketing for Domestic

Ms. Rhea R. Opura – Accounting Head
Ms. Victoria Natividad – Accounting Staff
Ms. Princess Dandan – Admin Staff

Mr. Luis Luisito Regatillo – Senior Supervisor
Mr. Edgar Tresmanio – Warehouse Supervisor
Mr. Victor Beltran – Warehouse Supervisor / Property Custodian
Ms. Juliana Purino – Operations Supervisor
Ms. Violie Agustin – Vizmin Coordinator
Ms. Daisy Cataquez – CSR
Mr. John Clarence Magbanua – CSR